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Deals & Steals

Lambs Pride Superwash
100% Worsted Weight Wool -- 25% off!
Now $9.94 per ball.

Finches-5 balls
Sable-8 balls
Bon Vivant Blue-6 balls
Root Beer-1 ball
Cornflower-6 balls
Cinnamon Twist-6 balls
Onyx-4 balls
Moody Magenta-2 balls
Oyster Shell-2 balls
Blueberry Sorbet-2 balls
Corn Silk-6 balls
Alabaster-5 balls
Mysterious Fuchsia-5
Prairie Sage-7 balls
Emerald City-6 balls
Cranberry-5 balls
Seafoam-5 balls
Plum Crazy-5 balls
Shane's Red-8 balls

Babe's Black Sheep Fiber Starter
Great condition, comes with 2 slow speed bobbins, 2 faster speed bobbins, and jumbo plying bobbin, sample wool, orifice hook and instructions....$200

Heavy acryllic blend rug yarn
Mist Grey, 5lb.5oz. -- $10
Purple, 6lb.15oz. -- $10

LeClerc Boat Shuttle (new)
asking $30

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