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Classes for Learning

What makes a class at Purple Fleece different from the rest?
Classes are one-on-one private instruction scheduled at a convenient time.
Classes are offered year round.
No large classes...no keeping up with others...no distractions.
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Introduction to Spinning
Discover the joy of creating your own yarn. Learn the basics of spinning; choosing a fleece, washing, carding, spinning, and plying your yarn. Spinning wheels are available for rental to practice at home between your classes. Instruction is individualized, one-on-one, and hours are flexible. At the end of 3 2-hour sessions you'll be creating your own fabulous yarns. Tuition $140.

Advanced Spinning
Once you've mastered the art of spinning wool, you're ready to experience the fun of spinning other fibers. In this full-day class, you'll have the opportunity to spin a variety of fibers including alpaca, silk, and cotton. You'll also learn some useful carding tricks and multiple plying methods. Tuition $150.

Drop Spindling
One of the earliest methods of spinning yarn was with the drop spindle. In this 2 hour class you will learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle. Tuition $35.00. A variety of drop spindles are available for purchase along with roving.

Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving
This is a great introduction to simple weaving techniques. Learn to plan a project, warp the loom using the direct method, and weave a scarf. Instruction is individualized, one-on-one, and hours are flexible. Schedule 2 all-day sessions. Tuition $125 plus cost of whatever yarns you choose for your project.
A Taste of Weaving (1 day)
Perhaps you've thought about weaving but have been reluctant to invest in the equipment before you know if you really like the craft. Here's your chance to try it out. Weave a scarf in one day. The four harness floor loom will be warped ahead of time and you will spend the day learning to weave a wool twill scarf with fringe.
Tuition $100 includes materials.

Beginning Floor Loom Weaving (3 day)
Have you always wondered how a loom works? In this class, learn all the basics of weaving on a four harness floor loom. Students will learn the vocabulary of the weaver, understand the parts of the loom and other tools, learn basic pattern drafting, and, best of all, weave their own sampler. Instruction is individualized, one-on-one, and hours are flexible. Schedule three all-day sessions. Tuition $190.

Beginning Floor Loom Weaving "PLUS" Project (5 day)
This class covers everything in the above 3 day class but, in addition, you will weave another project such as a scarf or table runner. This reinforces the most difficult part of learning to weave; warping the loom. Schedule this class if you do not have your own floor loom at home. This class requires a five full-day commitment. Tuition $315 plus cost of materials for your individual project.
Weaving II
Choose from a traditional rag rug, a pair of hand towels, or an overshot table runner. A basic knowledge of weaving and warping a loom is required. Tuition $150; Materials Fee depending upon project.

Rep Weave (Ripsmatta) Table Runner
Learn the basics of this Scandinavian weave structure and weave a table runner. Previous weaving experience is required. Tuition $175; Materials Fee depending upon project.

Warping Refresher Class
This one day class is geared towards those who are uncomfortable with warping or have not woven for many years and need a brush-up on skills. Tuition $100.
New to Knitting
This is a series of classes done at your own speed. You will knit a hat, cable scarf, and socks. Once you have completed your projects you should be able to knit most beginning and intermediate projects. Knitting outside of class is required. Tuition $100; Patterns are provided and yarns are available for purchase before starting each new project.

Knit a Sweater
This is a series of classes done at your own speed. You will knit and construct a basic crew neck sweater. Knitting outside of class will be required. Tuition $100; Materials and pattern to be purchased at first class.

Felting Workshop
This is an all-day intensive felting workshop which features three different types of felting: Sculptural Needle Felting, Felted Loufa Soaps, and a Wet Felted Wall Hanging. Tuition $125 for individual class or $100 if two or more people schedule the class. All materials provided.
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